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There are many ways to help Why? Membership Volunteer Donate

If you are interested in making a contribution or volunteering, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Ahimsa of Texas, Inc - info@ahimsatx.org
1875 Ottinger Road, Roanoke, Texas 76262-9136
Phone: 817 379-0969
Fax: 817 379-0969

Recycle your 'junk' for India!

Click the link above for more information on the types of items and supplies we provide to numerous animal (and people) projects in India. If you would like to donate old, recycled or new items to be sent to India, they can be mailed to:
Ahimsa of Texas, 1718 E. Jeter Road Bartonville, TX 76226

A painless way to donate without spending a dime? Yes! - You can help us immediately by clicking on some of the various banners you see around the site. (Don't forget to come back!)

Animals Magazines Also visit our News Stand. Enews.com offers 1000's of magazines, and part of the proceeds can benefit the spay/neuter campaigns and humane efforts of Ahimsa, Texas.


Would you like to join Ahimsa? Contact us at membership@ahimsatx.org for more information.


Call your local shelter today. Ask how you can help. You will make some of the most wonderful friends in the world, two-legged AND four-legged.

Volunteer for Ahimsa, Texas

Or you may be interested in helping Ahimsa on a voluntary basis?

Ahimsa has a unique volunteer Wish List -

  • Help a friend or neighbor neuter a pet

  • Artist to donate work to help promote spay neuter

  • National animal friendly media contacts

  • Working comedians who want hysterical routine material!

  • Individuals willing to WRAP the back window of their vehicle(s) to save animal lives.

  • Automobile racers, stock car & otherwise interested in being 'way far cool', promoting spay neuter

  • .. and (from the web muttstress) anyone with professional logo design and resources to help us create an Ahimsa of Texas logo
Of course this is not everything - if would you like to help, contact us at volunteer@ahimsatx.org


Contributions may be sent to:
Ramesh Shah, Treasurer - Ahimsa of Texas, Inc.
1718 E. Jeter Road
Bartonville, TX 76226

Please specify India Projects or Spay/Neuter promotion, if you have a preference.


Your tax-deductible donations will support our efforts to move Texas communities forward, joining with other humane states in becoming a no kill country. Area shelters may kill as many as 200-300 kittens or puppies a day; and it is unconscionable for so much death to result from such a preventable problem.

Homeless animals NEED your support of our essential efforts to educate the public and to sterilize those animals in the community producing litters.

Please do not confuse the larger national humane organizations with those in your community working to stop companion animal euthanasia in local shelters. While you may receive many solicitations from organizations out of state, these organizations seldom support local efforts. National organizations have budgets which allow mass mailings and frequently tend to lead the public to believe that they are ?everywhere?, yet they seldom (IF EVER) provide financial support to local rescue groups.

If you truly love animals and want your donations to make a difference for the animals in YOUR COMMUNITY, please support your local humane society or rescue groups!

Join us and make a difference!
  1. Ahimsa networks on an international level to help our 'sister shelters' in need. Including, but not limited to donated computer equipment (Ahimsa Volunteer Assistance Program), spay/neuter promotion and 'prevention' ideas, medical supplies, pet carriers, fans, pet food and actual monetary donations (when available) to assist with spay/neuter surgeries.

    Sister Shelters:

  2. Ahimsa promotes programs that help veterinarians, without adding more work and cost to the vets themselves. We work to bring more well-care follow-up business to all vets by promoting responsible pet stewardship. Vets do not have to participate in special programs, offer discounts or even sign up. Our "2K3K Neuter Reward Program" encouraged US citizens to neuter their pet at any licensed vet clinic anywhere in the country. The responsible owner who's name was drawn was rewarded $3,000.00 simply for neutering their pet!

  3. Ahimsa is DIFFERENT. We are doing the job that national humane organizations NEED to be doing. We promote spay/neuter in any and all conceivable ways. Ahimsa's President's personal vehicle shamelessly sports /web/20010203195500im_/http://service.bfast.com/bfast/serve?bfmid=7279965&siteid=34392981&bfpage=cats" border="0" width="1" height="1" nosave>

    Ahimsa of Texas, Inc.
    1875 Ottinger Rd. Roanoke, Texas 76262-9136
    Phone: 817 379-0969   Fax: 817 379-0969