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To Premarin!

Apparently some people are. Each year, thousands of horses are bought at auctions across the United States, packed into trailers with dozens of other confused and frightened horses, driven to slaughterhouses.

Do I need to tell you that what h/web/20010203200100/http://www.PetitionOnline.com/cheval23/">http://www.PetitionOnline.com/cheval23/

  • Spread the word about horse slaughter.

  • Support efforts in your state to oppose horse slaughter. If several states prohibit it, a federal ban would then be possible.

  • Don't buy articles made from horse hide, i.e., "Corinthian Leather", clothing and accessories made from "Pony Skin", and brushes and other items made from horse hair.

  • Don't support business that send their unwanted horses to slaughter.

Write your Senator, let them know that you will no longer tolerate this. California has outlawed selling horses for slaughter, we must change the laws in every state! TWO horse slaughterhouses are located in TEXAS!

For more information:

FYI - Some of these sites deal with a violent subject, and it is disturbing. If you're surfing with little ones, you might want to visit these on your own first.

HelpHorses.com - End Horse Slaughter Canada

Equine Advocates - Equine Advocates: Horse Slaughter, An American Disgrace

NERCL - The North Caroline Equine Rescue League

H.O.R.S.E.S. - Help Our Rescue Save Equines State-wide in Texas

End All HorseEnd All Horse Slaughter NOW!Slaughter NOW!

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