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Early Age Spay/Neuter

  • Early Age Neutering: Perfect for Every Practice - speech given by Dr. W. Marvin Mackie, DVM at The North American Veterinary Conference 2000 in Orlando, 1/2000.
  • Dr. Mackie received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Washington State University in 1963. After a two-year residency in Chicago and working for 11 years in various full service clinics in Southern California, his concern for pet overpopulation and his conviction that spay/neuter was a remedy, led him to open his first spay/neuter clinic in 1976. He and a partner opened a clinic a year for the next four years. He currently owns and operates four spay/neuter clinics, each of which averages 40+ animal surgeries per day.

    Dr. Mackie is a longtime advocate of early age spay/neuter and his highly refined technique allows him complete success with patients from six weeks to sixteen years of age. He has lectured on early age spay/neuter at the Federated Humane Societies of Pennsylvania, the Humane Society of the United States Expo in San Diego, the National Congress of Animal Welfare in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the "No Kill '98" conference in Concord, CA, the North American Veterinary Conference 2000 in Orlando and various Alley Cat Allies "Focus on Ferals" Conferences.


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