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Once upon a time in a far away land-INDIA lived a little 4 year old girl named Rekha. She had a Mom and a Dad; the Dad was a policeman. One day as usual her father came home drunk; but this time he beat her mother so brutally that she died in front of Rekha and Rekha was the only witness. Since they were poor and their relatives were also very poor, that State asked S.S. Mandal School if they would take her in. The school raised her and every month they had to send her to court to testify against her father.

Finally, the 4 year olds testimony put him away for life. Rekha is now in the 7th grade- no longer shy, withdrawn and sad. She is social, loving and very bright.

This is no fairy tale! It is true and it has a h/web/20010125022200/mailto: ahimsatx@aol.com">ahimsatx@aol.com


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