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Jivadaya (Respect for all Living Forms) and Ahimsa (non-violence) are the fundamental principles of Jainism.

Jainism, a religion and philosophy of India, is one of the most ancient religions of India and of the world. The Jain observe nonviolence (Ahimsa) to all forms of life regardless of their shape or form. The Jain strive to be nonviolent in thought, action, and deed, taking care not to directly or indirectly harm any living beings. Vegetarianism, compassion and respect for all living creatures are at the heart of the Jain way of life.

I am offering these Jain resources in hope that everyone may learn from the Jain example, the value of Ahimsa. Imagine the world if everyone put such thoughtfulness into their daily lives.

In Shree Chitrabhanu's words, "the universe is not for man alone. It is a field of evolution for all of life's forms. Jainism teaches that life is life, not only in people of all lands, colors, and beliefs, but is of the same sacred quality in all creatures, right down to the tiny ant and humble worm. Consciousness exists in everything which grows, regardless of the size of its form. Though different forms are not the same in mental capacity and sensory /web/20010203182300/http://fas.harvard.edu/~pluralsm/affiliates/jainism/ahimsa/ahimsacr.htm">Ahimsa is not a Religion, It's Way of Life by C. Rosenfield and L. Segall

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