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Ahimsa of Texas Inc.

Mission: To promote reverence for all life, with primary focus on reducing/eliminating the killing of healthy homeless companion animals in community shelters. Ahimsa, Inc will seek to educate the public about pet overpopulation, and, by networking with local & national organizations, will utilize resources available to assist in the neutering of animals of indigent people.


Ahimsa of Texas, Inc.

Ahimsa of Texas, Incorporated is not affiliated with The Ahimsa Foundation of Boston. Ahimsa of Texas is a small but mighty force working on behalf of animals.

USA Projects:

Kat Chaplin, President
Spay/Neuter Education and Subsidy
Humor Us, Neuter Us Campaign
India Projects:

Bonny Shah, Vice President
Chairperson for International Relations
Vicki Todaro, Treasurer:
Chairperson Save-A-Life Guide Community Project - North Texas
Ray Shah:
Executive Director, Financial Advisor

Detailed Description of Activities 1995-2001

Companion animal spay/neuter subsidy:
  • $3,000 grant to Ponder Veterinarian Clinic for student subsidies.
  • $2,000 grant to Argyle Veterinarian Clinic for low income subsidies.
  • $1,000 grant to Fund for Animals clinic-North Texas S/N Coalition.
  • $1,000 grant to Lake Whitney Humane Society.
  • $1,500 grant to C.A.R.E - spay neuter Bedford, Euless TX
  • $1,500 grant to North Texas Spay Neuter Coalition - spay neuter
  • $1,500 grant to Humane Society of South East Texas - spay neuter
Spay/Neuter Education:
  • Designed & distributed 1,500 "I'd rather be neutering!" license plate frames (free) to Texas Animal Control Association & national rescue/humane groups.
  • Annually attend national SPAY USA and Doing Things For Animals conferences and table information to share with other humane & rescue groups. Distributing free spay neuter decals and other promotional items.
  • Award (annually) a scholarship for selected member of Sister Shelters to attend the national SPAY USA and NO KILL conferences, covering flight and hotel accommodations (when donations allow).
  • Provided funding (1 year) for SPAY USA billboards in North Texas.
  • Designed Maharani S/N 1998 Savanah van. Three times receiving national recognition. The van is available to all local non-profits at public events for educational purposes.
  • Purchase/distributed over 1,500 United Humanitarian fliers promoting spay/neuter.
  • Sponsored "The Lean, Mean, Neutering Machine" driven by Smiley's Texas Dirt Track Sport Racing Team.
  • Free spay/neuter educational decals produced for non-profits.
  • Production of T-shirts for educational & fundraising purposes.
  • Production of educational handouts for groups, shelters, and veterinary clinics.
  • 1999 Neuter Winner REWARD - Refunds issued to 21 REWARD winners because they neutered their pets.
  • 2000 2K3K Neuter Winner Reward - Rewarded one responsible owner $3,000.00 for neutering her dog. There were 394 entries for this drawing, Event included daily radio public service announcements.
Community Education and Service:
  • Sponsorship of The Save-A-Life GUIDE by Vicki Todaro, a listing of all known animal rescue & animal helping businesses in North Texas.
Provision of Rescue & Sanctuary Services for Homeless Animals:
  • Established rabbit sanctuary at critical care hospital in Denton, Texas.
  • Ahimsa volunteers rescue/neuter & place homeless animals (from water fowl to pigs) both on an individual basis and frequently network with no-kill animal rescue groups & shelters. We network on a daily basis to locate homes for homeless & displaced animals.
  • Ahimsa shares resources & funds with non- profits in need. Our USA Project volunteers often transport food and supplies to shelters in outlying areas of Texas and Oklahoma. Our India Projects include establishing a donkey sanctuary and a free spay/neuter clinic in India. (Supplies for India are shared bi-monthly.)
  • Company sponsor Maharani supports Ahimsa of Texas, Inc. and sister shelters, locally and nationally with donations of merchandise for resale for fund raising purposes.
Sister Shelters:

Your tax-deductible donations will support our efforts to move Texas communities forward, joining with other humane states in becoming a no kill country. Area shelters may kill as many as 200-300 kittens or puppies a day; and it is unconscionable for so much death to result from such a preventable problem.

Homeless animals NEED your support of our essential efforts to educate the public and to sterilize those animals in the community producing litters.

Please do not confuse the larger national humane organizations with those in your community working to stop companion animal euthanasia in local shelters. While you may receive many solicitations from organizations out of state, these organizations seldom support local efforts. National organizations have budgets which allow mass mailings and frequently tend to lead the public to believe that they are an umbrella organization, affiliated with local organizations, yet they seldom (IF EVER) provide financial support to local rescue groups.

If you truly love animals and want your donations to make a difference for the animals in your community, please support your local humane society or rescue groups. They need your help!


Ahimsa of Texas Inc - 1875 Ottinger Rd. Roanoke, TX 76262-9136
Ahimsa of Texas, Incorporated is not affiliated with The Ahimsa Foundation of Boston. Ahimsa of Texas is a small but mighty force working on behalf of animals.

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