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On January 17, 2000 Mrs. Maneka Gandhi arrived at the Sanskruti Mandal School in rural Maharashtra to dedicate the 15 acres of land personally purchased by Bonny and Rati Shah as the official inauguration of the Dharma Donkey Sanctuary animal education center. The parcel of land covered with tall trees and lots of shrubs borders the school and 600 acre government national forest reserve which the school helps protect from poachers of wood and animals.

Over 7,000 local and out of town people attended the ceremonies and all the 4,000 children at the school participated (all children sponsored by families in the USA). They planted fruit tress on Mrs. Gandhi's arrival... now the really hard work begins. Our two vets who stay at the school have to learn uptodate care of donkeys, water tanks and an empty river bed have to be filled with water - boring for it is the first step... natural fencing has to be planted. Corrals and a small clinic have to be built for severe abuse cases and the general treatment of donkeys.

Older students at the school will be building bamboo shelters themselves for the donkeys, and the young children will be providing a lot of tender loving care and petting.
Bonny and friend  
Our work is cut out for us, but we hope to have an animal center that intertwines child and animal rights - a help and education center for the school and the 30 surrounding villages.

We are pleased to provide you with the translation of Mrs. Maneka Gandhi's speech delivered at the opening ceremony of the Donkey Sanctuary in India on January 12, 2000.

With Regards,
Bonny and Rati Shah

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